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Industrial chains tend to fail from the inside. The damages are caused by stretch or kink up due to wear and corrosion inside the pin and bushing area. In order to lubricate them thoroughly, the lubricants need to be engineered so as to penetrate and protect the inner part of the chain remove contaminants and displace any trapped water.

Tabceon offers a complete line specialty chain lubricating oils formulated to perform under a variety of conditions ranging from heavy load exposure to high operating temperature and corrosive contamination.


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Lubricant Base Oil Features

Tacbecon Syn P1032

Tacbecon Syn P1032 is a premium synthetic hydrocarbon base oil formulated with specially developed additive system providing excellent oxidative and thermal stability .
Tacbecon Disyn 32
Tacbecon Disyn 32 is formulated with premium synthetic ester technology. This high-quality, long-life fluid lasts several times longer in use than conventional oils.
Tacbecon SSC 32
Tacbecon SSC 32 is a premium synthetic oil offers protection to centrifugal compressors with the benefit of fully synthetic oil at an economical price.


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