Gear and Bearing

Tabceon offers a complete range of specialty lubricants made from high quality synthetic base stocks and additive systems. These products prevents wear and protects equipment by maintaining its viscosity, resisting thermal and oxidative breakdown, incorporating anti-wear additives, preventing rust, and resisting the degrading effects of water.

Base Oil Features
Tacbecon Syn Gear 7000 series
Tacbecon Syn Gear 7000 series is a full synthetic based lubricant formulated to provide excellent lubrication over a wide temperature range,and minimize wear.
Tacbecon Syn Gear 900 series
Tacbecon Syn Gear 900 series is a full synthetic based, high performing gear lubricating oil widely used in heavy duty industrial equipment. It was designed to withstand heavy loads and severe conditions.
Tacbecon PG Syn
Gear 460
Tacbecon PG Syn Gear series is a Polyalkylene Glycol based oil that offers excellent thermal and oxidative stability, load carrying ability and sludge-free operation over a wide temperature range.
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Gear and Bearing Oils