Tacbecon BSC 1650 Product Takes Off With a Review

Tacbecon BSC 1650 heavy duty grease is benchmarked against the highest standards of grease. It is specifically designed for plain bearings or journal bearings that are widely used in sugar mill industry. Composed of premium quality, high viscosity base oils, Tacbecon BSC 1650 heavy duty grease provides superior film strength, shear resistance, adhesion properties and mechanical stability.

Tacbecon BSC 1650 heavy duty grease is formulated with extreme pressure additives for heavy loads as well as oxidation and corrosion inhibitors that impart good oxidation stability and rust protection. Additionally, Tacbecon BSC 1650 heavy duty grease is engineered with top performing lithium complex thickener system to provide excellent adhesion properties as well as water resistant as identified by ASTM D-1264 water washout test. This resistant to water ensure that a protective film of lubricant remains present to protect equipment against wear while the corrosion inhibitors prevent rust.

The journal bearing grease adheres to the metal in all types of environment and resists squeeze-out during operational activities. These qualities ensure maximum lubricant protection during harsh operations especially in sugar mill.

Tacbecon BSC 1650 heavy duty grease excels in extreme temperature range by providing excellent oxidation stability, high temperature dropping points, low temperature torque values and pumping capabilities.


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08 February 2012 Wednesday



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